This post was inspired by a fellow F.I.R.E member. We talked about owning property and then it came out “How do you sleep at night with 600K of debt?”. The 600K of debt that I’m referring to are two unpaid mortgages that I still carry. It’s not exactly ALL debt because it’s an appreciating asset, etc etc, but I wanted to analytical side of me wanted to play along

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I have two mortgages. They are being rented and are cash flowing properties, but they are still debt that I’m carrying. This post will look at the absolute worst-case scenario and…

The goal of this food haul is to cut my spending on groceries while still getting the nutrients I need from my food. This food haul is expected to cover 90 meals and 16 snacks.

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Photo by Angele J from Pexels

I’m going to go shopping once every two weeks so things don’t spoil and will be making all of my meals at home. I have the staples at home, such as olive oil, oats, peanut butter, rice ramen, eggs and seasoning so I won’t have to purchase that since they’ll be leftover from my last shopping trip.

I used Instacart, a grocery delivery service so…

I’m 28 years old, have no children, although I plan on having two someday. THE GOAL: Become financially independent and retire in 10 years. That retirement will look like me living off of $40,000 a year with a $1,320,000 nest egg.

My current debt

My total debt ($687,532.33): $4,000 left to pay on my car, $29,319.33 in student loans, and $654,213 in mortgages. Although my mortgages are considered assets, they aren’t paid off yet so they are still considered debt.

Where did this 22K living expense come from?

According to the trinity study, if you plan on retiring early and living off of your passive income from your retirement funds, you…

If you love nature, long walks, the option of paved roads or the beaten path, Duke Farms is for you! Located in Hillsborough, New Jersey this park features many moderately trafficked trails with plenty to see along the way. Duke Farms has over 1000 acres of land devoted to native species, preservation and sustainability efforts, and natural beauty.

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There are about 18 miles of trails that wind through woodlands, meadows, lakes and lagoons. These trails feature waterfalls, fountains, one of the only Japanese Garden’s in New Jersey, old estate structures and sculptures, botanical gardens, greenhouse, water ponds and more. …

Traveling to Jamaica and not sure what to eat? I ate my way through Jamaica for nine days, compiling the best places and must have foods to try in Jamaica.

Jamaica is well know for it’s jerked chicken, but that’s not the only great eats Jamaica has to offer.

Jamaica is a cultural melting pot of indigenous people living on the island: Spanish, Irish, British, African, Indian and Chinese. These diverse people created a unique fusion of culinary delights.

How to Eat Your Way Through Jamaica: Best Places to Eat

The best way is to avoid familiar fast food restaurants and discover the diversity of the Jamaican way of life through…

Stop Killing Your Dreams

The whole world makes you do what you have to do, but what if you did what you want to do for a change.

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We are our own road blocks. Many of us have amazing ideas and dreams we want to accomplish, but the actual work you have to put in often holds you back. You can achieve your dreams by surrounding yourself with community.

By the time we visited Amsterdam, we read enough blog posts and talked to other travelers who raved about Amsterdam and figured we just had to go there. It just didn’t do it for me.

As a person who enjoys the beauty of architecture, it wasn’t as stunning in comparison to the other places I’ve just traveled through in Europe, Brussels and Barcelona. Amsterdam is a place of things to do over a place of things to see. …

There was one reason and one reason only for me wanting to go to Brussels and that was for beer. Ok two reasons, beer and chocolate, but this trip gave me that and so much more.

Day 1

Parque du Cinquanentaire

Coming to Sancha, Brussels after bustling Barcelona was quite the change of pace .We landed midday, and had no idea what to do. I didn’t do any planning before because I has a simple mission, beer and chocolate, and that’s an easy mission to complete.

We started with the hotel map and took a walk over to the first point of…

I’m taking a 24 day, 6 country, euro trip, featuring friends and some solo adventures. I’m starting this trip in Barcelona, with two days in this city before I travel to Belgium. Being this was my first time in Europe, I did a bit of research before I left, but decided I would explore and discover new locations as I spoke to locals making any adjustments from there.

Day 1

I stayed at Hostal Nitz Bcn, in the Gothic Quarters, because what’s a euro trip without a hostel! …

Big O notation is used in Computer Science to describe the performance or complexity of an algorithm.

Big O is calculated based on your input. The question you ask yourself is based on my input how will this problem grow.

Let’s first take a look at the Big O complexity chart which outlines how horrible or excellent a solution is based on it’s Big O.

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Big Oh Rules

  1. Big O is calculated by using the worst case scenario
  2. Constants are dropped: O(31n + n/2 + 1000) would be O(n)
  3. Different terms for inputs. If you have multiple inputs/arguments your Big…

Vania Nettleford

Hey, I’m Vania! Travel is the best kind of education so I go & get lost, even if it’s just outside my own doorstep and I’m obsessed!

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